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What’s in my bag…

whats in the bag WPIN

Canon 5D Mk3- My pride & joy!!! This my main camera & use it 100% of the time. It’s a full frame camera with great high ISO for low lighting.

Canon 7D EOS- This was my baby for a while, but decided to go full frame in 2013. I keep this camera in case my main one needs some TLC.

Canon 430EX II flash- I hardly use my flash, but it has help me through some critical lighting situations.

Canon 50mm f/1.4- This was my first prime lens, also known as the nifty fifty. Crisp, creamy, fast auto-focus, super shallow depth of field, perfect for low light, portraiture and details! Basically, my fave lens.

Canon 85mm f/1.8- Same features as my 50mm, but you can be a little sneakier with it. You can snap further away from the subject; it is less intrusive. 

16GB and 32GB memory cards- This is where I store all your memories, the heart of my camera. 

Wonder what my next investment will be… yup, the 70-200mm lens. Just like my primes, it has a shallow depth of field & creamy bokeh, but it allows me to zoom in to my subject. I can’t wait to own one, but in the mean time, you can still call me a prime girl.