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        As the artist of your portraits, it is my job to help you visualize how you will display and use your images. All of this comes together at the viewing session, when we guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your beautiful portraits. The following is a step by step of how this process works:

  • You and your loved ones will be greeting in our studio where you will view a slide show of your images set to music. During this time, you can enjoy some yummy treats to eat (my favorite deserts).
  • We will go through the images one by one, selecting only those that you absolutely love. Each image will be printed as a 4×6 proof, which will already give you a feel of what your images look printed.
  • Once you are left with your favorite images, you will decide which image you would want for your complimentary digitals (already included with your session fee).
  • I will go over all products and collections by showing you samples and pictures of everything we have to offer.
  • At this stage, we discuss how you plan to use your images. How will you display them? Will you give any as gifts?

It is here that we can really help you select the best images for the way you plan to use them, whether a wall display or a coffee table book. We can also show you exactly how those images would look in different size perspectives on your wall or help you decide which images will be the highlights in your album.

Note: Take a look around your home and start getting a feel of places you would like to display your images prior to your viewing session. Feel free to take images with your cell phone. I will offer suggestions that help you make a decision you’re happy with!

  • The final step is placing your order. Since all orders are custom, payment is due at this time. We accept checks as well as credit cards. We can also offer a payment plan to make it easier for you to get everything you want!


  • If your purchasing any photos as gifts, make a list of all the people you plan to give to. That way you don’t leave anyone out!
  •  Make sure you come with all decision makers- that means anyone whose input is needed when selecting the photos as well as those responsible for payment.
  • Don’t forget to bring your 15% coupon (it can only be used during your viewing session) and reminder of any gifts from prior referrals.

Our Pricing menu is available upon request and is a great resource for planning out your purchases.

The viewing session gives you the opportunity to view your portraits while receiving expert advice in choosing your images and products to display those images that will enhance your enjoyment for year to come. I have prepared a beautiful presentation for you and can’t wait to show you… As a thank you, here is a 15% coupon to use towards your viewing session order.

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