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Photography Internship Available


Photography Internship

{6 month internship with the opportunity to convert to a part time position}


The lowdown

  • Assisting a photographer in all aspects of their work
  • Doing whatever is necessary to ensure that a photographic shoot runs smoothly
  • Assisting in everything from administration, to the shoot, to scouting locations


Is this role right for me?

To do this role, you will need to:

  • be willing to learn
  • be organised and practical
  • understand how to operate digital camera and scanning equipment
  • anticipate the needs of the photographer
  • have excellent communication skills
  • be able to foresee and evaluate potential problems, and deal with them calmly
  • possess good office skills
  • pay close attention to detail
  • 11-15 hours a week


What does an Assistant Photographer do?

Getting a job as an Assistant Photographer is one of the best routes into a career in professional photography.

Assistant Photographers can learn on the job from a professional, without the responsibility of running a business or producing professional quality images before they are ready.

They must do whatever is necessary to ensure that a photographic shoot runs smoothly. Usually, this involves preparing sets, checking that all equipment is functioning properly, setting up lighting and accessories and uploading files.

When working from a studio, an Assistant Photographer will help out with general administration, keeping the sets clean and tidy and packaging prints/products as required.

When clients are present during a shoot, it is the Assistant Photographer’s job to play host and shield the photographer from unnecessary interruptions.

Photographer Assistant should be able to handle newborns and have experience with children.

They must have great sales ability for  “In Person Sales”


Qualifications required

Basic Understanding of a camera

Very organized and detailed

Great Communication Skills

Good with computers

Good listener and fast learner

Experience with newborns and children

Flexible Schedule

Sales experience and ability