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{Newborn} Pembroke Pines, FL


This here is Lorelai, the perfect name for this unique and beautiful baby. I absolutely loved my time with this little girl, she was very alert and wasted no second in sleep mode. She has these big blue eyes, the color of the bluest sky. Just thinking about them reminds me how they were absolutely stunning. The crown that adorned her beautiful little head was handmade and it gave the pictures exactly what I envisioned… a very natural vibe. It complimented that beautiful head full of hair if I do say so myself. Not only did I have the pleasure to take some photos of the little princess, but also with two of the most important people in this beautiful baby’s life.  Her momma and her dada. Her mom was just as beautiful and serene as her baby girl. And just when you think I could not love and enjoy this photo shoot anymore, this stunning mom rocked this cute flowy maxi dress that I love from Target. I think I’m going to have to play hookie from work today to and get to  target ASAP! And now for dad, he was just so proud of his little girl that he decided to be part of the memories documented this day. Through my lens and on the images taken you can see his love for this little girl. Everything went by so smoothly, it did not feel like work at all. It was very exciting to capture these photographs, these special moments to have and to share. Mom made sure to order these precious pictures to do just that! Those are gonna be some lucky loved ones! There is something about the time in life from being “you and me” to being “us.” Our own little family.  I am blessed to be able to capture this for them to enjoy now and forever.


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