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{My Life} SW Ranches, FL

Our new venture Medicinal Herbs & Organic Plants… We recently moved to our new home and we love it! Although we down-sized, we now have space for our kids to run around outside and fun gardening too. This keeps the mess outside, which equals a happy mama.  Anyways, my hubby and I decided that we will try to go organic and plant our own fruits and veggies right in our property. I understand this will be a slow process, but I believe this will be the start to something great. How awesome to know what we are putting in our own bodies!!! Not only will we be going organic with our food, but we are going to try medicinal herbs as well. Sometimes are doctors prescribe us with medication that are necessary, but those everyday aches and pain can be cured with natural plants and remedies with-out the need of medication & chemicals. I will keep you posted with this new venture that we hope to turn this into a part of our lifestyle.

Here is a good read on Medicinal Herbs-