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Today I decided I would take a little adventure for inspiration. As you all know, I love to find old things and make them in to little treasures. I always knew Dania Beach, FL was known for their antiques, but I didn’t realize how unique it was until I was walking the strip with some of my girlfriends. What intrigues me most about antiques is that every item at these quaint little shops has a story, and I like to imagine what that story may be. It’s easy to get wrapped up in there here and now, but sometimes it’s good to relish in the things of the past.  A store named, “Vintage Market Salvage” (17 North Federal Highway) really caught my attention as I walked by. This shabby chic shop (I dare you to say that five times fast…) stood out from the rest because the detail of their presentation brought more life to their items.

As I perused through the shop, this little blue bike really stood out. I can visualize my two girls riding down the road in our neighborhood on it. The sound of laughter and fun echoed in my mind as well. This little blue bike must have been very special because the shopkeeper wanted to use it for their display. However, some things are meant to be, and they decided to sell it. I can’t wait to transform my vision into art. Stay tuned!

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