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CM Pro

I’m officially a CM Pro!!! About two weeks ago I decided to submit an application I started a year ago. Like most artist, I’m self critical about my work and I was so scared to get turned down. After a nail biting 14 days I got the email with my letter of acceptance! I’m over the moon happy!

What is CM Pro?!? CM is short for Clickin Mom, a wonderful professional organization for mom’s (some dads & non parents too) that love the world of photography and want to learn. Aside from the regular membership, you can apply to be a CM Pro. You can submit 150 images or your website to be reviewed by judges. I was graded on composition, lighting, focus, editing and cohesiveness of your images.

I know this might not mean a lot to most, but for me its a huge accomplishment to be a professional not only for my clients, but for other professionals as well. I don’t know where this will take me to, but it is the start of a new venture.